37 Sensors Overview

Sensor.Engine MICRO

  1. Sensor.Engine MICRO Features
  2. Pinout and Pin use
  3. BASIC Overview
  4. SEM Library functions

37+ Sensors

  1. Analog Hall-effect
  2. Analog Joystick
  3. Analog Temperature
  4. Ball Switch
  5. Bi-color LED
  6. Button
  7. Character LCD
  8. Flame
  9. Hall-effect Switch
  10. HMI Display
  11. Humidity and Temperature
  12. IR Receiver
  13. IR Transmitter
  14. Keypad
  15. LASER
  16. Light Cup
  17. Liquid
  18. Mercury Switch
  19. Microphone
  20. Multicolor Flashing LED
  21. Obstacle Avoidance
  22. Photo Interruptor
  23. Photoresistor
  24. Piezo Driver or Annunciator
  25. Pulse
  26. Reed Switch
  27. Relays and Drivers
  28. RGB LED
  29. Rotary Encoder
  30. Servo
  31. Shock and Impulse
  32. Speaker
  33. Temperature 18B20
  34. Temperature Threshold
  35. Touch Sensor
  36. Tracking
  37. Ultrasonic Distance

USBmicro U4xx

  1. U401
  2. U421
  3. U451



  1. Controlling MedeaWiz Sprite

HMI Display



Human-Machine Interface. An intelligent LCD that provides a lot of built-in graphics elements. Serial interface.

Available from: CircuitGizmos

Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and visualization interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. Nextion is mainly designed for Internet of things (IoT) devices or consumer electronics. It is the best solution to replace the traditional LCD or LED display.

Nextion includes a hardware part and a software part (the Nextion editor). The Nextion TFT board uses one TTL-level serial port to communicate. It lets users avoid the hassle of wiring. The Nextion programming editor includes commonly used components such as buttons, text boxes, progress bars, sliders, instrument panels, etc. to enrich the interface design. Drag-and-drop programming ensures that users spend less time in programming. With the help of this WYSIWYG editor, designing a GUI is a piece of cake!

It's easy to adapt Nextion family HMI to existing projects. Users just need to provide +5V and a TTL-level UART.

NX2432T024 is a powerful 2.4'' HMI, which is member of Nextion family. Features include: a 2.4" TFT 320 x 240 resistive touch screen display, 4M Flash, 2K Byte RAM, 65k colors.


Image: Nextion display.


• Colors: 65K (65536) colors as 16 bit, 5R6G5B
• Layout size: 74.4 (L)×42.9 (W)×5.8 (H) NX3224T024_011
• Resolution: 320×240 pixel Also can be set as 240×320
• Touch type: Resistive
• Backlight: LED
• Power: 5V at 90mA
• Serial Port Baudrate: Standard 2400 - 115200 bps (9600 default)
• Serial Port Voltage: TTL (0-5V)
• Micro SD card socket: FAT32 format maximum 32G
• FLASH Memory for fonts and images: 4 MB
• RAM Memory for variables 3584 bytes

Module Pin-out:

Using the supplied cable:
Black - ground.
Red - +5V.
Blue - Tx.
Yellow - Rx.

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