37 Sensors Overview

Sensor.Engine MICRO

  1. Sensor.Engine MICRO Features
  2. Pinout and Pin use
  3. BASIC Overview
  4. SEM Library functions

37+ Sensors

  1. Analog Hall-effect
  2. Analog Joystick
  3. Analog Temperature
  4. Ball Switch
  5. Bi-color LED
  6. Button
  7. Character LCD
  8. Flame
  9. Hall-effect Switch
  10. HMI Display
  11. Humidity and Temperature
  12. IR Receiver
  13. IR Transmitter
  14. Keypad
  15. LASER
  16. Light Cup
  17. Liquid
  18. Mercury Switch
  19. Microphone
  20. Multicolor Flashing LED
  21. Obstacle Avoidance
  22. Photo Interruptor
  23. Photoresistor
  24. Piezo Driver or Annunciator
  25. Pulse
  26. Reed Switch
  27. Relays and Drivers
  28. RGB LED
  29. Rotary Encoder
  30. Servo
  31. Shock and Impulse
  32. Speaker
  33. Temperature 18B20
  34. Temperature Threshold
  35. Touch Sensor
  36. Tracking
  37. Ultrasonic Distance

USBmicro U4xx

  1. U401
  2. U421
  3. U451



  1. Controlling MedeaWiz Sprite

37 Sensors Overview


“37 Sensors” is the common name for a number of kits of small electronic modules. Not all of the kits have 37 modules in them – some have more, some less. Also, although a large number of these modules are what would be considered “sensors”, some are certainly not sensors (things like RGB LEDs and relays).

If you are curious as to how to interface to these common modules, this site has interface information and example code for more than 37 of these modules. If you have questions or more information to share, please leave a comment. If you have created a project using a certain module, it would be nice to hear about that, too!

If you have more information about certain modules, please feel free to Contact us! and share what you know. If you also have test or application code to share, that link is the way to share that. And we would appreciate that a lot!

If you are interested in purchasing the unique devices that are shown on these pages, CircuitGizmos (link: CircuitGizmosOnline) sells many of these devices. Also Tindie has several of the CircuitGizmos devices for sale.

If you have questions about sensor modules like these, consider joining the Facebook group. Join the 37 Sensors FB Group! We'd love to see you there. If you are interested in the CircuitGizmos products, the FB page to join is CircuitGizmos on FB

Sometimes the 37 sensor projects are described as Instructables. This is the Instructable user to follow: Indestructable and YouTube channel and even follow on Instagram.

Image: Sensors, not Chinese take out.

Image: Various kits.

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